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Independence is popular and the federal government is not. We want elected NH representatives and senators to know people support New Hampshire declaring independence from the United States, so here is a petition you can sign to help:

I prefer that New Hampshire govern itself rather than be governed by Washington DC.

69 signatures = 1% of goal

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Latest Signatures
69 Erik Lehtinen Lancaster, NH Live Free or Die
68 CHRISTOPHER Hartzell Claremont, NH
67 Bill Alleman Weare, NH
66 Brian Lewis Alexandria, NH
65 Chloe Sowers Manchester, NH
64 Jay Celani Hudson, NH Peaceful secession is the only solution to Democrats.
63 Lisa Hedenberg Richmond, NH
62 Michelle Barrett Richmond, NH
61 Heather Harada Keene, NH What happened to Live Free or Die?
60 William Rogers Winchester, NH We need it.
59 Kelley Dean Deering, NH A country without borders is not a country
58 Adam Devlin Hancock, New Hampshire
57 Nathaniel Heutmaker Nashua, NH Live Free or Die
56 Dan Woods Bath, NH "Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" Thomas Jefferson
55 Trace Boswell Hooksett, NH Live Free or Die
54 James LaFoe Belmont, NH
53 Raymond Rowe IV Hooksett, New Hampshire Live Free or Die, disregard for the constitution has come too far
52 Jason Randall Hampton, NH Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Keep it small and local to preserve accountability.
51 Joseph Emanuele Stephenson, VA Watch the economy in NH boom when this happens.
50 Rhonda Morgera Nashua, Nh Live Free or Die!!! One Nation Under God Not The CCP
49 Deborah Defelice Daytona Beach , Florida preserve our liberty and yes to a Free New Hampshire
48 Justin Rosenberg Nashua, NH Power is too concentrated within the federal government. The founders never intended for the federal government to become this bureaucratic behemoth. It’s time for states to reclaim their God-given rights.
47 David Levavi ., .
46 Karen Evans Manchester, New Hampshire
45 Rob Evans Wolfeboro, NH
44 Kristen Blow Wolfeboro, NH
43 Duncan Blow Wolfeboro, NH
42 Christopher Waid Keene, NH
41 Dave Ridley Winchester, nh NH out of US; US out of NH
40 Lucas Patten Merideth, NH
39 Jeffrey Mayi Nashua, NH
38 Laura Hollabaugh Sandown, NH
37 Joanne Maceachern Amherst, NH
36 Sean Brennan Raymond, NH
35 Dave Kopacz Grafton, NH That which governs least, governs best.
34 Kathryn Peterson Nashua, NH
33 Deni O'Leary New Boston, NH
32 Conrad Nelson Manchester, NH
31 Luke Landwehr Bedford, NH
30 Wanda Wells Alexandria, NH
29 Tyler Waisanen Merrimack, NH
28 Frank Staples Manchester, NH End the Fed
27 Sheryl Gaudette Hudson , NH The state of NH should not give the Federal Government control it should be limited.
26 Ryan Sleeper Thornton, NH I fully support NH to be independent from the United States. New Hampshire should make rules for NH, and should not suffer under rules passed by other states or the federal government, that undermine NH sovereignty and Independence.
25 Kevin Torzala Manchester, New Hampshire Live Free Or Die; death is not the worst of evils
24 Dorothy Daltorio Croydon, NH I am DONE with tyranny --- I Love this State - Live FREE or DIE
23 Patrick El-Azem Londonderry, NH "When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another..."
22 Daniel Spalinger Windham, NH
21 Jack Kozec Newton, Nh Live free or die
20 Stephanie LaPierre Newton, NH Live free or die!