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Independence is popular and the federal government is not. We want elected NH representatives and senators to know people support New Hampshire declaring independence from the United States, so here is a petition you can sign to help:

I prefer that New Hampshire govern itself rather than be governed by Washington DC.

185 signatures = 2% of goal

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Latest Signatures
185 jimbob smitherton burbank, CA
184 William Cochran Pembroke, NH Free NH, Free Redeye Bands ‼️
183 Matthew Jozokos Pelham, NH Free us from the tyranny of DC
182 Dr Lex Winter Sydney, NSW As a foreigner I have often wondered why the US stands divided rather than splitting into unified nations. This is the perfect opportunity to test it on a smaller scale.
181 Frederick Germain Pittsburg, NH Right to secede is enshrined both in the NH Constitution and in *YOUR* Natural Rights.
180 Gregory Lindland Hill, NH
179 Keith Bessette Stuart, FL Secession is the best solution at the point for liberty. History indicates DC cannot be fixed from within.
178 Rob Nielsen Schenectady, New York
177 Angela Fleming Laconia, NH Every NH citizen should read our state constitution. Then build walls in every direction except Maine. MA cops are bussing junkies and immigrants up here (which is human trafficking) and it's GOT TO STOP
176 Eduardo Rivera Houston, Texas New Hampshire and Texas are the only states i can imagine realistically seceding from the u.s i hope you guys are successful
175 Jennifer Zibelin Oxford, CT
174 Starchild oOo oOo oOo San Francisco, CA The United States is way too large to be governed as a single jurisdiction. Let's let the states be real "laboratories of democracy" – as the STATES (not provinces) they originally were.
173 Stephen Lotto Franklin, NH We are tired of being ruled by corporations under the guise of democracy
172 Gregg Driscoll Concord, New Hampshire We need to act now before it's too late, if it's not already
171 Dana Bartell Manchester, NH God Bless New Hampshire
170 Alex Dinh Los Angeles, California NEW HAMPSHIRE FOREVER
169 Max Yazhbin North Sutton, New Hampshire take back your freedom
168 Richard Proulx Strafford, New Hampshire We like all people have a right to self determination and independence is the solution. Live Free or Die!
167 Seamus Derby Concord, NH
166 Jeremy Slottje Hudson, NH
165 Donna LaClair Loudon, NH
164 Morgan Thomas Keene, NH
163 Sandra Brigham Billerica, MA
162 John Brigham Billerica, MA
161 Henry Donner Overland Park, KS I may not be a resident of New Hampshire, but I admire and stand with the brave people of New Hampshire in their bid to break away from the tyrannical grip of DC. We must show that DC is not entitled to the loyalty of the states, and if they wish to leave, they have the right. I am unsure if my signature counts much, but I wholeheartedly condone this movement and wish you all the best.
160 Jeff Wyler Exeter, NH This union has demonstrably failed in every single way, and I have lost all my faith in it. The day the whole unholy thing comes tumbling down will be the greatest day of my life. NH first.
159 Alu Axelman Hooksett, NH We have tried everything else each day for 246 years. The definition of insanity is continuing to try those tactics. Independence is our last hope for liberty.
158 Jay Noone Henniker , New Hampshire US citizens are 2nd class citizen
157 Derek Wheeler New Pekin, IN
156 Jason Riddle Keene, NH As Jefferson Davis said, "The principle for which we contend is bound to reassert itself, though it may be at another time and in another form."
155 Martha Jaquith Kingston, NH We the people need to govern ourselves!
154 Norm Silber Gilford, NH Th worst of evails is the expansion of government into every nook and cranny of our lives.
153 Karlyn Borysenko Merrimack, New Hampshire Live free or die! Death is not the worst of evils.
152 Chris Rietmann Alstead, NH We won't be free with DC.
151 Susan DeRoy New Durham, NH NH
150 William Domenico Manchester, NH Live Free or Die!
149 Patrick Binder Manchester, NH District of Criminals get bent. Taxation is theft.
148 Susan LaPointe Epping, NH Restore Liberty & Freedom for We The People
147 Jessica Kliskey Stratham , NH NH
146 John Elliott Manchester, New Hampshire
145 Jason Gerhard Belmont, NH Live Free or Die!
144 Nancy Hersey Wolfeboro , NH Independence is popular and the federal government is not. We want elected NH representatives and senators to know people support New Hampshire declaring independence from the United States.
143 Jennifer York Farmington, New Hampshire
141 Brittanie Mounce Loudon, NH NH
140 Terese Grinnell Loudon , Nh Washington is lost at sea. They take our hard earned funds and then use it to force us to bend a knee. This is not what our forefathers designed for this country. Enough is enough.
139 Kristen Jackson Concord, New Hampshire The essense of freedom is the proper limitation of government.
138 Jon Bender Grafton, NH
137 Steven Southard Bradford , NH After serving 14 years in the Armed forces defending this country and it's Constitution I felt betrayed once I saw the corruption and how the our checks and balances no longer work and are largely ignores by the Oligarchs and authoritarians in DC
136 Alicia Seale Lebanon, MAINE A responsible man governs himself.