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Independence is popular and the federal government is not. We want elected NH representatives and senators to know people support New Hampshire declaring independence from the United States, so here is a petition you can sign to help:

I prefer that New Hampshire govern itself rather than be governed by Washington DC.

130 signatures = 1% of goal

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Latest Signatures
130 Richard Brooks Summersworth, Nh
129 Kevin Bastarache Loudon, NH
128 Ron Manning Manchester, NH
127 Aureus Humboldt Manchester, NH We've gotta try something new. What we're doing isn't working for the people.
126 Kristin Humboldt Manchester, NH
125 Eric Weglarz Manchester, NH Decades of corruption, inflation of money, it's time for a change.
124 Tristina Hoyt Salisbury, NH
123 Tim Bajorek Manchester, NH Maybe we can't end the fed, but let's remove ourselves from it.
122 Francis Terasiewicz Manchester, NH
121 Simone Rossi Rome, Italy
120 Jason Oberg Rochester, NH
119 Steven Shapiro Colorado Spirings, Colorado Here in Colorado, we are fighting for election integrity....Our own clerk and recorder Tina Peters was arrested by the FBI and was in jail with half a million bond!!!....For daring to question her county's election!!
118 Morgen Mogus Parker, PA Balkanize the United States.
117 Trent Farrar Plymouth, ME All states deserve the right to secede from the union when and if the people choose to.
116 Derek Proulx BRISTOL, NH
115 Scott Smith Concord, NH
114 Brynn Sweetsir Epping, New Hampshire
113 Shane Lemire Canterbury, New Hampshire New Hampshire
112 John Light Manchester, NH I support NH independence. We can make our way without the federal government.
111 Derek Verbrugge Manchester, NH
110 Crystal Miles Deerfield, NH I prefer NH TO GOVERN ITSELF
109 Andrew Friedrich Hampton Beach, Rockingham Its time to go -
108 Peter Henden Dalton, NH Washington D.C. can't mind it's own business. New Hampshire is a good, well-run state. State sovereignty makes a lot of sense!
107 Eugene Jacobs Littleton, NH The federal gov't is corrupt beyond being able to ever be reformed.
106 L.E. SAVAGE Concord, NH I simply support a referendum on the matter in 2022 so NH voters can have their stay. I am undecided on the merits of succession at this time.
105 Joseph Hart Campton, NH New Hampshire Freedom come from individual peaceful choices, not a collective rule.
104 Paul Hohensee Nashua, NH
103 Donna Beatrice Nashua, NH
102 James LaRoche Nashua, NH I support seccession from the federal US government and the establishment of the Republic of New Hampshire.
101 Koallie Adams Milford, NH
100 Kirsten Collins Santa Cruz, California
99 Benjamin Hurvitz Santa Cruz, CA
98 Rebecca Jones Ossipee, Nh
97 Greg howick Halliday, ND Think locally, act locally.
96 Thomas Woollacott Rochester, NH How many times must the SC overrule the federal govt? They are plain criminals, not that NH pd/fbi/doj is doing any better. Throw them all out. The hell with their taxes and mandates. We the people have had enough. This is our last reasonable course of action before much more drastic measures WILL BE TAKEN.
95 Cootis Disclerk Milan, NH Fuck D.C.
94 Lawrence Blumenthal Pittsburgh , PA
93 Dan Buschbacher Manchester, NH It's high time we took back the power to the people
92 Zane Hill Henniker, New Hampshire
91 Milo Mirate Salem, NH
90 Daniel Supry Salisbury, NH
89 Janine Byron Hollis, Nh Live free or die
88 Luke Sacher Fitzwilliam, NH Vivre Libre ou Mourir!
87 Matthew Sabourin dit Choinière Hampton, NH
86 Charles Melchin Las Vegas, NV
85 Vincent Carbone Plantsville, CT It’s our republic and we NEED IT NOW!
84 Alexander Payne Atkinson, NH Live free or die. No more tyranny, no more vampirism from state controlled money.
83 Brett Markham New Ipswich, New Hampshire As a long time NH citizen, I strongly favor secession from a DC government that has become extremely corrupt and which routinely oversteps it's boundaries in the Bill of Rights.
82 David Counts New London, NH
81 Colton Breving Colorado Springs , Colorado Power should return to the people by first removing the federal government and then the state government to allow for political experimentation at the local level